Alix Petrie: Artist


Today’s interview is with artist, Alix Petrie. The first time I saw Alix’s paintings, I was blown away. There was a unique style, a language, that just made my brain happy. And in getting to know her, I got to see her actually paint, which is one of those moments where, doing what she does so well, a person transforms, before your eyes, and you realize, this is what this person was born to do. And all of it left such an impression on me, that it inspired me in my own art as a musician, and to even take up oils myself. So sharing this interview with you, was something I really wanted to do. But also, something I feel privileged to do: Alix is a fairly private person, and would rather cast light on those around her than on herself. So her agreeing to do this, and to be able to share her thoughts and ultimately, her artistry with the larger world, speaks of something else in her: the faith she places in good.

You can follow Alix on instagram at alixpetrie

And you can check out her work at Eric Schindler Gallery | instagram ericschindlergallery