Caroline Rowley: Primatologist


Those sounds you heard at our opening, are of Lucky and Lo Lem, both rescued Northern white-cheeked Gibbons, which were recorded by today’s guest, Primatologist Caroline Rowley. Caroline got their start in this field, as an undergrad at Tulane University, and then went on to Central Washington University for a Masters in Primate Behaviour and Ecology. And over the past few years, has applied these studies, most notably, as the director of the Endangered Primate Rescue Center, in the Cuc Phuong National Park, in northern Vietnam. But the thing that may stand out the most about Caroline, is the empathy, and compassion they have for the living world around us, and their personal passion and dedication to try and make things better, first through understanding them scientifically, then taking those findings, and trying to make the changes that seem to make sense. In short, Caroline is one of those folks that you hope exists in the field of science. And they are definitely real, and have a lot to say about the world we are living in.

Also, as Caroline takes the process of knowledge rather serious, they asked me to provide their email address, welcoming, and happy to be corrected in any statement they have made here, and happy to learn how to better advocate for the people of the planet. And they also invite any questions from you, and they will learn right along with you. So in that spirit, you can email Caroline at C A R dot their lastname at


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