Craig Lewis

Author / Recovery Worker

Today’s episode is with Boston Punk Rocker and ‘Recovery Worker’, Craig Lewis. Craig grew up in the punk scene in Boston, and in his early teens, began being diagnosed with various mental health disorders and put on drugs to treat them. But it wasn’t till much later in life that Craig got with a good therapist and realized, He had none of them. That in fact, much of the anguish he was suffering was from the treatment itself, and the alienation that comes with being told by a professional that you have a mental illness. Since then Craig has made it his mission to help others that may be in a similar position. He is a ‘Certified Peer Specialist’, but he prefers the term ‘Recovery Worker’. And he has set out around the country sharing his story in his talk, “punk rock, mental illness, and recovery’, and his book, ‘You’re Crazy’, which you can find Here, as well as with his coping skills workbook, ‘Better Days: A Mental Health Recovery Workbook’, availalble at

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