Doug Nunnally: Music Journalist, The Auricular, The Newlin Music Prize


Todays interview is with Doug Nunnally of The Auricular. Doug started reviewing music around 2009, on his music blog, and quickly discovered the depth of music here in the city of Richmond, VA. Since then, Doug has gone on to extensively document and champion this music, most notably with The Auricular, a online publication that serves as a distillation of his love for exposing, appreciating, and encouraging Richmond music. And in the spirit of this mission, in Doug created The Newlin Music Prize, a prize given to a local band each year, judged by, at last count, a jury of over 80 music-related journalists, photographers, documenters, etc. And Doug does all of this, as a side job. So I was excited to get to talk to Doug, and learn what feeds this love of music, and how it all started.

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