Fan Ran

Emcee / Producer

When I first heard Fan, it was because he had contributed a verse to a song I had done with label mate, Ben FM. I was floored by the verse. Not because of the technicality of it, and not because he had the best worldplay, though his wordplay is good. But rather, because it had some special quality. A very special quality. After talking with him today, I realize that quality is what you call ‘soul’. Fan raps effortlessly. And his rhyme style is much like his beat production: There’s very little polish, but you can tell it’s done by a professional. Couple this with the first time I met him in person, he was wearing a Dead Kennedys shirt, and well, I’m stuck on being a big fan of his work. You can pick up his full length ‘loose bowels’ from Gritty City’s bandcamp. And if you scan their catalog, you find verses from him all over it. To keep up with his latest offerings, you can follow him on both instagram, and facebook.

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