Giustino Riccio: Musician...


Todays interview is with Giustino Riccio. For almost 30 years now, Giustino has played the timbales in the Richmond Virginia-based salsa band, Bio Ritmo. And more recently, has been studying, experimenting, and crafting, some amazing pizzas, first for friend in a restaurant, then as an extension of the Galley restaurant here in Richmond. Now Guistino is gearing up to share these pizzas with friends starting in mid-April, via a joint venture with his spouse, Ellen Cockerham Riccio, a symphony violinist, offering violin and pizza, for small groups. Giustino is one of those folks who you can tell is motivated by passion, and a need to experiment, and to understand. And as a result, this conversation not only takes us through his history, but also, some of the findings of such experiments along the way.

You can follow Giustino on his instagram, at giustinoriccio, and for the upcoming events, his wife Ellen’s instagram, backyardviolinist