Jack Lawrence: Artist


Today’s interview is with artist, Jack Lawrence. Jack began showing his work in late 90s, and over time, has built up a skill level that is truly astonishing for any painter. His work, painted so realistically you think it’s a photograph, is usually made from staged sets he creates by hand, transforming his personal spaces, hiring actors to stand in, and then pulling that moment together, with the painting, as the record of the moment. As you can probably imagine, his work is an extension of a precise vision he wants to execute. And with this life around painting, he began struggling with, and then overcoming, a variety of addictions, resulting in him now, evaluating how to re approach painting, and life, from the mindset of sobriety. It was awesome to get to talk to Jack, and understand some of the amazing bits of his process, as well as heartening to hear his own reflections on life, and what makes value to him.

You can check out Jack’s work at the website of the Eric Schindler Gallery,  and you can follow him on instagram.