Jason Bayless: Activist,...


Today’s interview is with Jason Bayless. For the past few decades, Jason has worked as an activist working towards radical change, with an emphasis on decreasing the exploitation and suffering of all living beings. From working with PETA to uncover abuse in Ringling Brother’s circus, to working to extend the voice of the Zapatista community to his own, Jason’s work has centered around tapping into both community, as well as the better elements of people, to try and elevate the standards by which we all live, to a more humane and respectful level. And for the past five years, Jason has operated the Radical Guide website, providing folks with a directory of spaces, and places of importance, that are part of the history of radical struggles the world over, places that may not appear on your local google map. And most recently, Jason has begun to catalog the personal stories of how and where, folks became attuned, and radicalized, to this persistent stream of struggles, giving personal narrative and history, to some of the places in the guide.

Some links to resources mentioned in the episode.

Jason’s Website, Radical-Guide.com

Videos from investigating the abuses by Circus’: Video 1, Video 2

PETA’s list of violations against Ringling Brother’s Circus

A video Jason helped put together from the Chiapas Support Committee

Bookchin’s Social Ecology

Make Rojava Green Again

An article on Zapatista Women