Jason Boyer: Tattooist,...


Today’s interview is with Jason Boyer. Jason began playing music in hardcore bands, and tattooing, while still just in his teens. By the time i met him, he had developed into an amazing tattooist, and also had started on the musical path that he continues to this day, forgoing the more traditional band approach, to make his own music, on his own, first under the name, Nerve City. Today, His musical work has continued on that path and developed into a self-recorded, self-directed process that now includes the hand manufacturing of the release format, usually cassette, as a seamless part of the production process, with as much attention paid to the graphics and pressing production, as to the writing and recording, each done in a separate room of his home. His current work is being released under the moniker, Service Learner, where much of the audio he produces, are studies of what he is learning in the studio. And when it’s not a musical day, maybe he produces a zine instead. Its a fucking fascinating process. So getting to talk to Jason, and learn how this all works, was quite awesome to me. Note: When Jason agreed to do this interview, he had been up all night, kinda ramped up off adrenaline, after having to deal with some drama in his neighborhood. So I greatly appreciate him taking to the time to put that aside, and get into explaining what his creative world looks like. And so here we are, my interview with Jason Boyer.

Link: Steal From Me (Instagram)