Ryan Groat: Guitarist (M.A.D, Fire and Ice, Bracewar, Down To Nothing)


Today’s interview is with Ryan Groat. Ryan has been a guitarist, playing in hardcore bands for the past two decades. He got his start playing with his teenage friends in the hardcore band, Down To Nothing. This is where I first met him, when I recorded some of their early recordings, and quickly it became apparent the amount of talent he had for guitar, and enthusiasm he had for hardcore. After playing in DTN for 8 years, he left the band and started Fire and Ice, then later, Mutually Assured Destruction, his current band, all the while also playing over the years for the Richmond hardcore band, Bracewar. It was awesome to sit down with Ryan, and learn his path, and see his enthusiasm for hardcore, and learn how discovered this music, and what each band has meant to him.

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