Taylor Steele: Four...


Today’s interview is with Taylor Steele. Taylor was the singer for the 1990s hardcore band Four Walls Falling. As vocalist, he delivered leftist politics with a concern for both animal welfare and the environment, backed with a lyrical positivity that encouraged the listener to believe in their own power, and capabilities, a foundation that served as an inspiration for many future Richmond punks, as well as folks in the punk scene at large. And Taylor’s presence in the scene extended beyond the band, for many years the house he lived in, at 805 West Cary St, here in Richmond, Virginia, became a place for touring bands to play, as well as a place to hang out. And as Taylor got older, he also kept going to shows, kind of illuminating that sense of possibility, that he has always seemed to hold.

So It was exciting to talk to Taylor and get to learn about his start in the 1980s Richmond punk scene, playing in the bands Pledge Allegiance, Four Walls, and Joyburner, his influences in both music, and in ethics, As well as to hear some cool stories and reflection on punk, and Richmond punk’s, path through the past few decades. It was a great conversation, Taylor is both very thoughtful and very humble, and I think you will enjoy it as well.

You can check out Four Walls Falling’s ‘Culture Shock’, on Spotify, and most streaming services.