Trey Martin: BJJ Black Belt, Instructor, Business Owner


Todays interview, is with musician, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and instructor, business owner, woodworker and overall awesome person, Trey Martin. Trey has had a few instances in his life, to pursue things tothe point where he became really good at them, one on the path of woodworker, starting from an early age, and two, in his path of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, started later in life. And where some folks may personally master something, Trey has also been able to hone a completely different set of skills, to translate these paths into not only personally satisfying work, but to create viable businesses around them. If you ever owned a business around something you love, you know, its a different skill set that the one required for your passion. So it was awesome to get to talk Trey, find out about how got into the world of making things himself, and to learn of the approaches he takes in trying to take something he is passionate about, and put it into the world, in a way that can both last, and sustain him. We also talking about some of the early 90s Richmond punk scene, that we grew up around.

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