Yourbrozo: Polkadotrabbit Podcast,...


Todays interview, is with my friend, Zo, who you may know as yourbro, zo, host of the polkadotrabbit podcast, or from where I initially met him, as the singer of the 1990s Richmond hardcore band, indypendant. for years, zo has been a person in my life, that has met me with a deep energy, a focus on truth, that has resonated, and challenged my conceptions of the spiritual realms, and the physical world around me. And in that process, has awoken parts of myself to things inside myself, and changed the way I conceptualize and view my own life. And it is with that understanding, and a great respect for him, that I share our interview today.

Some of the stuff we speak about, will challenge a person’s conceptions, of what we know of and conceptualize of the world around us. Its a thing you may have to listen to twice, once to get past the preconceptions, and second, to hear what he is actually saying. But unlike a lot of what challenges the mainstream today, these concepts come from a place of love, and not fear. In a day where conspiracy runs rampant to protect the institutions of white supremacy, understandings like the ones zo shares, I believe are crucial to understanding the cognitive dissonance most humans feel when confronted with the differences between the world they observe, and what they are told of it to be.