Conversations with people going against the grain to do interesting things. Hosted by Gary Llama.

Nathan Stickel

Rural Southerner living in the City

Todays interview is with Nathan Stickel. Nathan is a punk, a cook, and a rural working class white southerner living in the City, here in Richmond, Virginia. For a while you could find him working at the Flying Brick during open hours, and nowadays, working with the local chapter of Jericho, a group working to help support political prisoners inside the United States. I’ve known Nathan for a few years now, and have always found him to have intersting insights on things, so it was great to hear his thoughts on things like OCCUPY, Voting, and activism in general, as well as learn about his experiences growing up in small town, and the contrast of that with living in a city like Richmond.


Alison Self

Musician / Activist

Today we are talking with Musician Alison Self. I saw Alison perform a few years back and was amazed by both her talent and her songs. She plays a type of music which could be described as ‘Old Time’, but also has a new-ness in her lyrics and approach to subjects that makes her songs both refreshing as well as fun to listen to. You can learn more about Alison at her website, and check out her music at her bandcamp.


Liz Canfield

Professor / Activist / Artist

Liz Canfield is a sound artist, zine maker, teacher, and community organizer here in Richmond, Virginia. She teaches as an assistant professor in the Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, at Virginia Commonwealth University. One of her main focuses has been working with people incarcerated in the Richmond City Jail. It was great to sit down with Liz and talk about some of the projects she has been working on inside the jail, how that process works, and why she feels these projects are important.


Chris Boarts Larson

Photographer / Publisher of 'Slug & Lettuce'

Todays interview is with Chris Boarts Larson. Chris is an artist, a photographer, who, with her zine ‘Slug and Lettuce’, doccumented hardcore punk in New York City and Richmond, Virginia, building something of a community through the zine throughout the 90s. Today she is working on a new photo project. It was exciting to talk with Chris and find out her opinions on things happening today, as well as looking back at parts of her life.


Noah Scalin

Artist / Musician / Professor

Todays’ interview is with Noah Scalin. Noah is a an artist whose work requires him to wear many hats. He’s a professor at VCU teaching future graphic designers how to find their own ethical voice, He runs the design agency Another Limited Rebellion, he’s written and published a few books on some of his art projects, perhaps most notably his book ‘Skulls’ and his ‘Skull-A-Day’ project, and on top of all of this, takes his creativity and ethics to music with the group ‘League Of Space Pirates’.


Ben Snakepit

Creator of 'Snakepit' comic / Musician

Todays episode is with Ben Snakepit. Ben is a musician and artist. As a musician he has played with the bands Shit Creek, Shanghai River, MODOK and J Church, currently playing with the band Ghost Knife. And as an artist, has created six books of his comic series, “Snakepit”, the latest of which is titled “SnakePit Gets Old”. He also does a column in Razorcake. I first met Ben years ago when he lived in Richmond, and had much fun catching up with him over the phone from his home in Austin, Tx.


Greta Brinkman

Bassist / Craftsperson

Todays episode is with Greta Brinkman. Greta got started playing music in the early punk and hardcore scenes of Pennsylvania and Richmond, playing with bands such as 2000 Maniacs and Unseen Force. She then went on to become a touring musician, playing bass with the Debbie Harry Band, and Moby, as well as working as a studio musician in NYC. She now lives back in Richmond, and plays with the band DRUGLORD, and makes beautiful wooden picture frames from reclaimed wood, through her company, Frames by Greta. It was a pleasure to talk with Greta, and I hope you enjoy listening.


Jeff Grant

Musician / Co-founder of Houseplant Records

Today’s interview is with Jeff Grant. Jeff got started playing in bands in the mid 90’s as the drummer for the Richmond punk band Target For Agression. He then went on to play with a continual assortment of bands, including taking up guitar and vocals to play with the band Pink Razors, the band Food, and now his most recent projects, The Sands and Full Sun. Along the way, he moved to Bloomington Indiana, and started the record label, Houseplant Records, with his wife, Erin Tobey, an artist and musician herself. I met Jeff when we were in our early teens, and so it was great to catch up with him and what he has been working on.


Ben FM


Today’s interview is with Ben FM. Ben is a rapper from Richmond, Virginia, was the co-founder of the Hip-Hop duo Luggage, and since I met him in both of our early teens, a very bright and confident person that likes to make other people think with his art. In addition to new solo music he has planned to release, he also is working with others to bring a united banner to the Richmond Hip-Hop culture with the founding of the Richmond Renegades, a hip-hop collective of sorts. You can get music from Ben by sending an email to .


Andrew Necci

Editor of 'RVA Mag' / Publisher of 'Nothing Is Cool' zine / Musician

Todays Episode is with Andrew Necci. As long as I’ve known Andrew, he has been writing, whether in his zine “Nothing Is Cool”, lyrics for his band Tri-State Killing Spree, or currently, as the Editor-In-Chief of RVA Magazine. In fact, his writing is how I got to know him, when he interviewed my 15 or 16 year old self for a zine he was doing, back in 1995 or 96. So when I started doing these interviews, I knew I wanted to interview him. Enjoy!

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