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Craig Lewis

Author / Recovery Worker

Today’s episode is with Boston Punk Rocker and ‘Recovery Worker’, Craig Lewis. Craig grew up in the punk scene in Boston, and in his early teens, began being diagnosed with various mental health disorders and put on drugs to treat them. But it wasn’t till much later in life that Craig got with a good therapist and realized, He had none of them. That in fact, much of the anguish he was suffering was from the treatment itself, and the alienation that comes with being told by a professional that you have a mental illness. Since then Craig has made it his mission to help others that may be in a similar position. He is a ‘Certified Peer Specialist’, but he prefers the term ‘Recovery Worker’. And he has set out around the country sharing his story in his talk, “punk rock, mental illness, and recovery’, and his book, ‘You’re Crazy’, which you can find Here, as well as with his coping skills workbook, ‘Better Days: A Mental Health Recovery Workbook’, availalble at


Ed Edge

Activist Businessman / Paramedic

Ed Edge is a community activist and paramedic in Richmond, Virginia whom dedicates his time to running a variety of non-profit organizations designed to help the economically poor people of the City Of Richmond. He has funded these works through his own pay as a paramedic and living simply, as well as through for-profit business he has also run, such as Cafe Verde, a series of food carts, and the RVA Vegan Food Truck, and past ventures such as the bicycle manufacturing company called, Cute Bikes, which he recently sold. In this Interview, Ed provides us a fascinating look into the thoughts and ethics that go behind the good deeds he does, and that we can all apply this ‘do something’ attitude to our own lives as well.


Megan Osborn

Author / Artist / Activist

Megan Osborn is an activist, artist, author, and my spouse. She founded Mindful Liberation Project, a group advocating for those with mental health issues, founded FOIA For Change, using the FOIA process to gain insight into how organizational policies regarding dealing with folks with mental health issues, co-founded Something Something Press, a distro of radical mental health books, zines, and literature, and is a photographer, artist, and mother. In addition to this, she has authored and/or contributed to a number of radical mental health publications, including ‘Coping Skills’, a collection of skills for coping with personal issues, and contributed to ‘Mindful Occupation: Rising Up Without Burning Out’, a book full of information for activists looking to cope with the stress of working on programs while maintaining a healthy mind.


Susan Longest

Professor / Evolutionary Biologist

Susan Longest is an academic, photographer, advocate for LGBT rights, and also my sister. She has a PhD from the University Of Chicago, and her specialty is evolutionary biology. She is currently an assistant professor at Colorado Mesa University, and works with various other organizations. In this interview, Susan shares her passion for evolutionary biology with us, offering an understanding of how organisms adapt to face the future, and how things like climate change, influence those adaptations.


Mo Karnage


Mo Karnage is an activist from Richmond, Virginia. Mo has been involved in Radical activities in Richmond, as a member of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, hosting Richmond Food Not Bombs, working with the Central Virginia Food Bank to host it’s Mobile Food Pantry in Southern Barton Heights, and working with various other causes and organizations in the City. Mo also runs Karnage Creations LLC, doing woodwork restoration among other things. I gave Mo a call and we recorded this interview.


Kieran Wagner

Photographer / Recording Engineer

Kieran Wagner is an amazing photographer from Richmond, Virginia. Before taking up photography and making truly awesome photographs, Kieran was an Audio Engineer, making recordings with a roster of artists that you are most likely familiar with. Kieran is a craftsman, putting a focus and dedication into the things he does that is truly inspiring, whether it’s behind the lens, the mixing desk, or raising his children with his Wife.


Dave Brown

Author of 'Adult Crash' series / Founder of Vicious Circle Records

Dave Brown has been involved in the punk and hardcore music scene since his teenage years, both as a fan, and with running his record label, Vicious Circle Records. He recently released his first book, Adult Crash, a photo book taking inventory of the photos he took over the years, of the bands that meant a lot to him. Now, in addition to being a parent of three kids, he is working on his second book. Dave and I took a trip out to Maymont in December, and recorded this interview.

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